Trial in Case of ‘Novalic and Others’ began Today

The trial in the case of “Fadil Novalic and others” began today in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in connection with the procurement of 100 respirators, worth 10,530,000 BAM, imported by the company “Silver Raspberry”, owned by Fikret Hodzic .

Apart from Novalic, the Minister of Finance of FBiH Jelka Milicevic, the suspended director of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection Fahrudin Solak and the owner of the company “Srebrena Malina” Fikret Hodzic are also accused of the disputed purchase of respirators for the needs of the Federation of BiH.

Novalic, Milicevic, Solak and Hodzic, at the hearing held on January 29, pleaded not guilty to procuring 100 respirators worth 10,530,000 BAM and protective equipment worth 2,900,000 BAM for the purpose of fighting tcoronavirusrus.

Novalic, Solak and Hodzic are charged with association for the purpose of committing criminal offenses in connection with the offenses of abuse of position or authority, receiving a reward or other form of benefit for trading in influence.

They are also charged with money laundering, falsification or destruction of business or trade books or documents, forgery of official documents and violation of the obligation to keep trade or business books and compile financial statements and their falsification or destruction.

Milicevic is charged with negligent work in the service.

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