Trial for Fahrudin Radoncic cancelled?

radoncic (1)The continuation of trial to Fahrudin Radoncic, Bakir Dautbašić, Bilsena Šahman and Zijad Hadžijahić, which was to be held today at the State Court, was canceled, was confirmed by Patria news agency.

This is confirmed by Asim Crnalić, lawyer of Mr. Radoncic. When asked about the reason of cancellation, he said that the reason is unknown.

“It is certain that the trial is cancelled for today, but the reason is unknown to me”, said Crnalić.

The Trial Chamber presided by Judge Hasija Masovic, banned the media from the trial last time. The reason was because certain conversations were private ones and thus forbidden to be published by the media.

(Source: nap)

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