Treskavica is known as a mountain of beautiful Peaks, large Pastures and beautiful Lakes

It is the highest mountain of Sarajevo with its 2088 meters above the sea level, only 300 meters lower than the highest peak of our country, Maglic.

Treskavica is known as a mountain of beautiful peaks, large pastures and beautiful lakes among nature lovers. This pearl of untouched nature is located around 30 kilometers south of Sarajevo, in the Municipality of Trnovo, and during beautiful and sunny days you can see all the way to Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea from this mountain.

This mountain has large forests, pastures with green grass, and numerous springs and lakes that make Treskavica different from all other mountains. According to the legend, Treskavica has a total of 365 springs, among which are springs of five large rivers: Zeljeznica, Bistrica, Ljuta, Bijela and Rakitnica.

There are lakes including Veliko, Platno, Crno, Bijelo and Zmijsko lake, as well as Turov Stan, Kucare, Trokunsko, Gornja Bara and Simovica Bara. All of them represent valuable ecosystems with specific flora and fauna.


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