Trebinje, Nikšić and Pljevlja Prepared a Common Touristic Offer

Trebinje_RiverThe town of Trebinje prepared a promotional brochure with natural, cultural, historical and other various interesting sights of this town, in cooperation with the Touristic organisation.

The brochure was made within the project “Improvement of the touristic and traffic signalization” realised by FORS Montenegro and the town of Trebinje and financed by the EU within the Cross-border cooperation B&H – Montenegro program.

One of the main aims of this project is to promote cross-border domain as a common touristic offer and this brochure is a part of that concept so that potential tourists and visitors could get to know more about Trebinje, Nikšić and Pljevlja as towns with special beauties and attractions.

Among other things, it is stated in the brochure as well that Trebinje is one of the rare towns whit three different religious objects situated in the town centre.

What makes this town especially beautiful is the crystal water of the river Trebišnjica while the resort Zubačka Ubla, only 20 kilometres away from Trebinje and situated in the mountain massif Orjena enriches the diverse touristic offer of this area even more.

Traditional manifestations of the town as well as various cultural and sport events are also mentioned in the brochure.

(Source: Seebiz.net)

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