Training that leads directly to Employment in Leading IT Companies

AMP_6981Disappointed by the economic situation in the country, young people from BiH are every day finding a way to leave BiH in a search for employment and financial security. However, regardless to the gloomy statistics about the hundreds of thousands of unemployed and educated people who are constantly leaving country, there is a lot of intelligent and hardworking people in BiH, hidden talents, who are n ot provided by the system with a chance to acquire appropriate knowledge, that can provide them the direct employment, financial security and the perspective of staying in the country.

The program of BIT Camp is arming participants, through the six months, with the knowledge and skills aligned with needs of the IT industry and has for the final goal the employment of participants in members of the BIT Alliance. It is expected from participants to compulsory attend lectures and the individual and team work on projects which stimulate the work environment in IT companies in BiH and world. The teaching team is consisted of lecturers from industry and academic community, and the additional value of the program is the strong connectivity with the IT industry.

The only precondition for the appliance to the BIT Camp is that the candidate is an adult, and no prior knowledge in the field of IT is needed. All information about the BIT Camp as well as the application form can be found at the official website: If you meet all criteria, you are one step away from the employment in the most attractive industry. Candidate applications last until 5th April, and all information about the BIT Camp, you can follow at the official Facebook page. From BIT Alliance, they are inviting you to to aplly to the training that will provide you an opportunity to change your life fundamentally. Do not miss your chance and apply to the BIT Camp!

BIT Camp is being realized with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and with the cooperation with the project MarketMakers supported by the Swiss Government and the International University of Sarajevo, where the classes will be held.


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