Train from Sarajevo to Belgrade Again?

zeljeznice-fbihThe General Director of “Železnica Srbije” Dragoljub Simonović said that they are seeking a solution to re-establish the rail service between Belgrade and Sarajevo.

‘’Our common goal and mission is to primarily intensify cooperation in passenger rail traffic and reestablish trains between Belgrade and Sarajevo. We expect great challenges that we must solve in order to have passenger trains between Belgrade and Sarajevo again’’, said Simonović in an interview with the General Director of ‘Željeznice Federacije’ Nijaz Puzić and the Director for Economic Affairs Enis Džavić.

He said that the two railways have a long tradition of partner and friendly relations, which are based on improving mutual cooperation.

The General Director of “Železnica Srbije” particularly stressed the importance of the line Ruma-Zvornik-Tuzla, which is crucial for both sides, and he suggested the consideration of the line on this route.


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