Trails, Benches, Trees: Arranging of Sarajevo Hum to start soon

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Mayor Nedzad Koldzo signed a contract with the director of PE “Sarajevo forests” Nermin Demirovic on the 30th of September this year, on the execution of works on space “Park-forest Hum”.

On this occasion, the mayor Nedzad Koldzo emphasized that this is a project that was planned by the Development Strategy of the municipality until 2013, and in this way will be done the arrangement of a very attractive area for recreation, which is located near the symbol of the municipality of Novo Sarajevo, relay on Hum.

“After the implementation of this project and installing furniture, we will place video surveillance in this area in order to preserve everything that has been done from unscrupulous people, who have repeatedly destroyed everything we have previously made in previous years in order for the citizens of Novo Sarajevo to have an adequate place for recreation near the city center,” said Mayor Koldzo, adding that in cooperation with the company Sarajevo-forests will be provided physical surveillance of the area as well.

The works within this project include the removal of the entire pre-existing undesirable – wild plants on the area of 1.2 hectares, and its displacement from the surface on which will be done walking path in the length of 200 meters, for connecting parts of the road.

In the immediate vicinity of the trail will be set up eight covered areas with benches and tables, and 15 wooden benches made of half logs. With the existing road (leading to the RTV repeater), surface will be arranged as well as a wooden fence in the length of 120 meters.

Resources for the project in the amount of 22,609 BAM were provided from the budget of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo for 2016.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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