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Traffic in Sarajevo: Additional 20 Locations will be covered with the Video Surveillance

surveillanceAt the proposal of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, Government of the Canton Sarajevo gave the approval for the purchase and installation of additional stationary radar systems and systems of the additional video surveillance, as provided in the Elaborate regulating this field in Canton Sarajevo.

The current radar and video surveillance system is ten years old and, as it was emphasized, it does not cover all points important for the operative work from the jurisdiction of the Ministry. After required procedures and preparations are being provided, stationary radar system with all additional equipment will be installed on additional 17 locations.

Due to the more efficient work of a Unit for traffic, better flow of the traffic and the increase of the general security, in addition to the current nine locations that are partially or completely covered with the video surveillance, additional 20 locations will get the video surveillance with the full covering of the selected locations of interest. It was estimated that the purchase funds would be ensured on the principle of self-financing, i.e. to pay the potential supplier from the funds of collected fines.


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