Traditional Honey Fair opened in Bosanska Krupa

The Association of Beekeepers Lipa, the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, and JKP “10. juli” today opened the 11th traditional Bosansko Krupa honey fair on Friday.

The Sweden / USAID FARMA II project supported them in organizing the fair, which is being held in accordance with all measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Exhibitors at the fair are members of the association Lipa, which brings together more than 100 beekeepers and supports their work.

In late June, the FARMA II project supported the association to train and equip 30 members to diversify their production.

“Thanks to the support of the Sweden / USAID FARMA II project, 30 of our members have increased honey yields and can now collect, process and package royal jelly, pollen, propolis and wax, using the equipment provided by the project. In addition, they began to produce various value-added products by mixing honey with other bee products, as well as medicinal herbs and dried fruits. Some of our members have also started producing honey-based cosmetics, and all of these products are being promoted at the fair. We invite all those who can, to come to the fair and try and buy our new products,” said the president of the association Lipa Hajrudin Sabic, it was announced from Sweden / USAID FARMA II project.

The fair lasts for three days, from 14 to 16 August, from 9.00 to 18.00.

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