Traditional Christmas Concert held in National Theatre (Video)

The Serbian Educational and Cultural Association “Prosvjeta” was the main organizer of the traditional Christmas Concert which was held on Saturday evening at the National Theater in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo.

The Association’s president Savo Vlaski thanked all the donors and friends who enabled the Christmas concert, and especially to the National Theater Sarajevo.

President of the Board of Directors of Association and Artist Creator of the Concert Dejan Garic said that Christmas should awaken compassion and love in everyone.

The Mixed Choir “Lola” from Sarajevo has opened the 9th traditional concert with the classic repertoire of the Christmas songs. For the first time, the music group “Katera” from East Sarajevo, performing spiritual and traditional music, introduced itself to Sarajevo audience. The central part of the event was devoted to 100 years since the end of the First World War. In this way, “Prosvjeta” wanted to mark the end of the Great War and the arrival of peace in the world, Europe and BiH, all with music and art.

The “Trio Eudijates”, which has already participated in the Christmas Concert earlier, presented their songs.

(Source: klix, photo radiosarajevo)





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