Traditional Carnival held on Streets of Sunny Mostar

The traditional carnival was held on Saturday in the sunny streets of Mostar.

In the organization of the Mostar Major and the Croatian House of Duke Stjepan Kosača, hundreds of children who attend kindergarten and schools, walked the streets and showed their art of creating masks, some of which lego cubes, flowers, chickens, Indians, and clowns, Federal News Agency reports.

After the defile parade of “Mostarske Mazoretkinje”, girls who were dancing and playing instruments at the same times, in the specially designed Harry Potter costumes, gave donuts and sweets to audience.

Earlier on Sunday, the action of collecting and transporting waste was held in Mostar and citizens have partially responded and joined the civil protection and workers of the Mostar public utilities.

It was agreed that the utility companies will transport bulk waste during March and citizens, through municipal commissioners who coordinate work with utility companies, reported the locations of waste.

(Photo: bljesak.info)


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