Trade Union Representatives of “Aida“ agreed with the Government of TC

Agreement TK Governemt AidaTrade Union representatives of the Shoe factory Aida from Tuzla yesterday reached an agreement with the Prime minister of Tuzla Canton, Bego Gutic, and minister in the Cantonal Government related to the resolution of their demands about linking their years of service.

It was agreed that they should try to solve the problem of linking years of service for all employees of Aida should through the Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance.

“We agreed two variants, how and in which way to solve this problem. One option is to try to, through the Federal Institute for Pension and Disabled Insurance, agree linking of years of service for all employees of the Shoe Factory Aida, and for the Government of TC to undertake the responsibility of paying compensations in installments for pension insurance contribution. The other variant is to go to the Assembly of TC with  a decision for the Government of TC to successively resolve this issue in next four years of mandate“, as the Prime minister of TC confirmed.

He also said that the issue of linking years of service of 65 employees of Aida will be solved this year and conditions for their retirement will be provided.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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