The Town of Jajce is a ‘Place from Heaven’

jajce-panoramaThe TripAdvisor iis the biggest tourist website in the world, offering information about the finest tourist destinations, planning trips and reservations etc. – reports the news agency Patria.

And on that platform, visited by almost 315 million people from 45 countries of the world per month, there is an article about B&H too. The people who left their comments are, so it seems, ‘in love’ with Jajce, one of BH most beautiful royal towns becoming lately more and more popular when it comes to top tourist destinations.

Top things to see and visit in Jajce are, they wrote, Pliva Lakes, Watermills, Fortress of Jace, AVNOJ museum, Ethnographic museum and the Catacomb of Jajce.

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