Tower at Hum will attract Tourists in the Future

The Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT) plans to lease office space, or two floors, for the period of 20 years at the Hum Antenna Tower facility, and build a restaurant there.

A public call is also underway. Bidders are required to repair this devastated space, which, according to estimates, needs about 1.5 million BAM.

For these reasons, according to a document discussed by the BHRT Board of Directors, two floors are offered for rent at a lower price of 5 BAM per square meter.

The Hum facility was built in the early 1980s, along with a 78.5-meter-high concrete pillar.

The project of constructing this relay station, which is the most important communication hub for the distribution of TV and radio signals, actually envisaged the third and fourth floors to be a closed restaurant.

In 1992, during the war in BiH, it was damaged, Dnevni Avaz reports.

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