Tourists Describe BiH With Words “There is Good Food There”

bosanskilonacTourists who recommend BiH for a visit always say ‘there is good food there’, and more than 80 percent of them request exclusively traditional BiH cuisine.

“No tourist comes to BiH who does not try grilled meats, lamb, and desserts’’, said to Fena the President of the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs of BiH Amir Hadžić. He said that the origins of these foods have not been verified, but they have been in BiH for so long that they are accepted as traditional BiH cuisine.

Hadžić thinks that people in BiH in the hospitality industry should offer the choice of Viennese steak and Italian pizza, but that the priority should be traditional, authentic BiH cuisine, which tourists expect.

“We need to preserve what makes us recognizable’’, said Hadžić and emphasized the value of traditional dishes such as ‘Bosanski lonac’ and wooden utensils.

He said tourists are delighted when food is served to them in clay pots, and those who try BiH cuisine once request it again.

He said this is an opportunity to present traditional BiH dishes.

“In accordance with the health and technical requirements BiH facilities should promote these types of earthenware utensils and return to the tradition that existed one hundred years ago’’, he added.

When it comes to the price, Hadžić said that BIH traditional cuisine is cheaper in comparison to other European cuisine and thinks this is a good way to promote and establish a good image to tourists.

(Source: klix.ba)

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