Tourist Train with 160 Young People from the Czech Republic arrived in Sarajevo

The tourist train “Sarajevo Express” with 160 passengers from Brno arrived this morning at the Sarajevo Railway Station, where they were greeted by representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board, led by the chairman of the Commission, Kenan Magoda.

On that occasion, Czech tourists were given tourist maps of Sarajevo, organized a tourist tour of the city and distributed vouchers for the use of the pool.

Mostly young Czechs arrived by train, traveling around Europe in their own wagons and getting to know the local culture, tradition and tourist resources.

They left for Bosnia and Herzegovina five days ago with a plan to get to know the most beautiful parts of our country during a seven-day trip on the rails, Klix.ba reports.

They will visit the most important places in this country – after Banja Luka, they will visit Mostar, Capljina, Konjic and Sarajevo.

It is currently not possible to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina from abroad by regular rail connections. The arrival of “Sarajevo Express” from the Czech Republic is therefore an extraordinary event that can show the potential of rail transport for tourism development. 

The Czech Republic is one of the countries with the highest railway network density in the world, and the use of trains for tourist travel is very popular here.

The trip “Sarajevo Express” is organized by a group of enthusiasts from the VlakFest project. They own several sleeping cars, which they reconstructed themselves and organize trips around the Czech Republic and abroad with them

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