Tourist Town: A Billion EUR of Initial Investments!

Tourist Town beneath Bjelasnica and Treskavica klix.baThe International investment company for urban development “Buroj Property Development” from UAE with headquarters in Dubai and the Municipality Trnovo will sign the final Contract on the realization of tourist-recreational complex “Buroj Ozone” at an area of nearly 1.3 million square meters on October 15th in the Sarajevo City Hall, after eight and a half months of preparations; stated the Project Coordinator Edin Serezlic.

The construction of a unique tourist town beneath Bjelasnica and Treskavica is ahead of realization. The initial investments amount to nearly one billion EUR, and the value of the completed project amounts to nearly 4.3 billion EUR. This is the largest individual foreign investment in the region.

The first integrated tourist town “Buroj Ozone” will be built on a total area of around 137 hectares, at the locality of the sports-recreational center Bjelasnica – Donja Grkarica – Precko Polje – Kolijevka, at the territory of the Igman cadastral municipality Dejcici in the Municipality Trnovo.

“The project envisages the construction of amenities of business, residential, recreational, sports, and cultural character, including horticulture and contents of utility and social infrastructure; the construction of thousands of luxurious residential units, a hotel, the largest shopping center in B&H, sports-recreational and cultural contents for the world elite is planned. The conceptual design also foresees luxurious horticultural oases, including artificial lakes and fountains, polyclinics, clinics, and rehabilitation centers”, Serezlic pointed out.

During the construction of the first integrated tourist town of such concept in the southeastern Europe and after its completion, at least ten thousands of workers of all professions will be employed, the signatories of the Contract on business cooperation claim.

According to the contract which is to be signed on October 15th, the Municipality is obliged to provide all necessary urban documentation, the purchase of private land, and the “allocation of the total space intended for the future purpose”, including adequate permits for utility infrastructure.


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