Tourist Season in Neum surpassed last Year’s Results

Neum Tourist Season Success idemo.baThe tourist season in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, and thereby in Neum, shows a trend of success which surpasses the last year.

Judging by the claims of the owners of accommodation capacities in the only BH coastal town, residents can be satisfied with the summer which, fortunately, is not over yet.

“When it comes to the entire canton, the season is at the level of last year, and maybe even a bit better regarding the number of guests and arrivals”, said the Director of the Tourist Board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Andrija Kresic.

Besides that, Kresic claims, this year Neum will probably make more of tourism than it was the case in the summer months of 2014.

“When talking to me, the caterers claim that the season is even by 10-15 percent better than last year’s. The preseason was good, the season quite good, and the hotels are also booked for September”, Kresic said.

However, actual numbers cannot be discussed since there is a difference in the data that refute each other.

“We have the data on registered guests, there is data in the statistics, and there are also indicators on the paid tourist tax. Unfortunately, that is in no way related to each other. We have information from the reports, from our witnessing, and field tracking”, said Kresic.

The Director of the Tourist Board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton explained it all on an actual example.

Namely, the common knowledge is the existence of a problem in which the owners of accommodation capacities do not register their guests.

“Let’s say, the payment of stay tax is worse than last year, and visit is greater. Moreover, the sales besides the boarding houses are not significantly increased. For this reason, it is not an indicator at all”, Kresic concluded.

(Source: photo idemo)

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