The Tourist Rafting Season at Neretva opened

Rafting seasonGroup of rafters from the tourist agency “Visit Konjic“ decided to mark the Independence Day of BiH on a unique way.

Namely, they celebrated the Independence Day as they most prefer, at the river Neretva, and thus have opened the tourist rafting season for 2015.

The director of the agency “Visit Konjic“, Sanjin Bubalo, said for FENA Agency that this is the new idea, but that it will become traditional,  due to the fact that a large number of persons welcomed this way of celebrating. He emphasized that, praise are coming from all sides at the third day.

Opening of the rafting season in March is also a new, and Bubalo emphasized that by that the rafting season is divided into two parts, extreme rafting from March to June, and summer rafting from June to October.

On this way, experienced rafters will show tourists BH natural beauties even in these cold months- said Bubalo and added that the cold is not a problem thanks to the professional equipment of rafters.

The rafting tour started from Bukovica, village Glavaticevo, on Sunday.

During the ride, states Bubalo, experienced team of the agency “Visit Konjic“ have easily mastered rapids of Neretva, and for three hours, with the boat with BH flag, have bought into the old part of Konjic, under the Stone bridge.

Numerous tourist, surprised by the winter rafting, have photographed rafters and showed interest for that adventure sport that will, according to estimates of lovers of this sport, will become the leading tourist attraction in BiH.



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