Tourist Cruises, Fishing, and Zip-line as New Attractions in Visegrad

In Visegrad, besides the tourist and historical sights, the water tourism is increasingly popular, and this year the Association of Shipowners, which provides services for tourist boats on the Drina River, was formed.

The most popular are tourist cruises, fishing, and extreme sports zip-line.

The President of the Association of Shipowners in Visegrad Davor Radovic says that every year there are more and more boats, both domestic and foreign, who wish to visit the canyon and go under the bridge. He assessed that water tourism is increasingly evolving.

Radovic pointed out that the goal of the Association is to ensure that all vessels are registered and have complete equipment for rescue.

“We have initiated initiatives for the development of various projects and events that will provide and promote water tourism,” said Radovic.

President of the Fishery Association of Drina Lakes Aleksandar Kojic said that Drina is one of the most beautiful rivers in the region and in the Balkans.

Director of Tourism Association of Visegrad Olivera Todorovic pointed out the obligation to make the stay in this municipality more enjoyable.

“This year, the Association of Shipowners, which provides services for driving boats on the Drina, has been formed, which in the summer months is something of a special experience in Visegrad. In addition, for those of a little bit more courageous, there is a zip-line that makes the Drina more attractive,” Todorovic said.

She concluded that an increasing number of tourists are expected this year, ekapija reports.

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