Tourist Complex Klekovača: Ski trails, Hotels and Ethno Villages

161111054-10_xlConstruction of a sports-recreational center with capacity of 15.000 daily visits is planned on the slopes of the highest mountain in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Klekovača near Bihać. While respecting the highest ecology standards, a group of investors has been developing a project worth 382 million EUR at the area of 2.700 hectares.

The tourist center Klekovača will be connected with two highways and the future motorway Banja Luka-Split, and another advantage is the proximity of the Sarajevo International Airport and airports in Banja Luka and Zagreb.

“First stage worth 218 million EUR is divided into two sub-stages. First sub-stage includes the construction of a smaller skiing site with height difference of 400 meters, with two cable cars and four ski lifts of the capacity of nearly 3.000 skiers at the same time. The center will also include various ski trails in the length of almost 19 kilometers, a polygon for boards, and a huge departing plateau. Second stage includes the development of skiing sites in the higher zone of the mountain, and construction of two gondolas,” stated the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of Republika Srpska.

Another seven cable cars and ski lifts will be constructed in the second and third stage of the project. With the completion of the third stage, the tourist center Klekovača will have 47 trails in total length of 66.5 kilometers and 17 cable cars with the capacity of 10.000 skiers at the same time.

Not far from the trails a hotel complex of third and fourth category will be build, with total capacity of 2.530 beds. All hotel units will be made of natural materials with high energy efficiency. In the zone of central square the focus will be on entertainment and nightlife, so the project also includes a construction of a hostel intended for younger population, with 920 beds.

“There is also a place for construction of individual, private apartments of third category, 198 in total. This locality is recommended to people with cardiac and respiratory issues, and special attention will be paid to guests who are staying in air spa. Special hotels, wellness centers and spa centers of high category will be built there. Also planned is the construction of an alpine ethno village, with direct access to ski trails. All facilities will be constructed in traditional style. Exclusive restaurant Vidikovac will be built on the top of the mountain, with stunning panoramic view and cozy ambience,” the Ministry stated.

Tourist complex will also have a health center, emergency help center, two helipads and underground garages with 2.375 parking lots. Center Klekovača will offer perfect conditions for all kinds of skiers and show enthusiasts, from the youngest one to the oldest ones. It will be active throughout the year, thanks to perfect conditions, and everyone will be able to enjoy in varied contents.

Preparatory stage should be completed by spring next year.


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