Tourist Attraction on ‘Žuta Tabija” During Time of Ramadan

Zuta_tabijaThe shot from the cannon from the ‘Žuta Tabija” in Sarajevo every evening during Ramadan marks the start of Iftar, which is the end of the day fast for Muslims.

In the last few years, the Ramadan Top became a real attraction, for people from Sarajevo and a number of tourists who come here for a few of the city. Others come here to mark the end of the nearly 17 hour fast, during which people are not allowed to consume food or drink.

Kenan Bajrić came here for the first time from Kiseljak with his family for Iftar on the ‘Žuta Tabija”. He said that every night he spends Iftar with his friends or in another city.

Smajil Krivić has a job that requires one of the most responsibilities during the time of Ramadan, since citizens of Sarajevo every night know what time is Iftar. He started doing this job in 1997. He comes here 20 minutes before Iftar begins to make all the preparations.

“I often come here during Ramadan because it is nice to see the flash of cannon over the city, when it signals the time of Iftar’’, said Milić and added that it is nice to see so many people in one place and to be together for Iftar. “It looks like one community and it shows that there are people in this city who still like to mingle with one another, and this mostly reflects the magic of Ramadan’’.

The cannon from the top is heard until the new parts of Sarajevo.

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