Tourism in Sarajevo: Road to Barice rearranged?

roadThe old road that connects Barice and Donje Biosko, whose one part is located on Sedrenik and the other part on Mošćanica, was fully arranged and returned into function.

According to information from the Service for Communal and Inspection Affairs of the Municipality of Stari Grad, the old, 3.5 kilometers long road that connects Barice with Donje Biosko was arranged. Machine cleaning, flattening and arrangement of the 3.5 kilometers long track took place.

“Considering the fact that the track is located at the altitude of almost 920 meters, it is ideal for recreationists and mountaineers. By arrangement of this section, we connected the road from Barice on Sedrenik to Donja Bioska on Mošćanica,” explained from the Service.

Arrangement of the road was funded by the Municipality of Stari Grad in the amount of 5.900 BAM.


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