A Tourism Agency from Thailand Included the Pannonic Lakes in their Offer

Representatives of the tourism agency Treasure Planet Co. Ltd. From Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, visited today the Pannonic Lakes, according to the management of the Public Communal Enterprise Pannonica.

After a tour, photographing of the complex and a meeting with the director Maid Porobic, the Thais were very satisfied with that they saw.

“The director of the Thai tourism agency Sarun Rungapinam said that the salt lakes in Tuzla will be included in the offer of their tourism agency. They spent several days in Tuzla and are very enthusiastic about the food, services, accommodation, and the general welcome feeling in the city, and especially about the salt lakes, the story of the salt and the continuity of living here, the geological history of Tuzla and the compound of the three religions and cultures,” they said from Pannonica.

The guests from the Far East used this opportunity to, from one place, photograph an Orthodox church, a mosque, and a Catholic center.



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