What is the Total Turnover on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange?

saseThe total turnover of yesterday’s trade of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE) amounted to 122,740.52 BAM, and  total number of traded securities was 42 199 within 18 transactions.

The value of BIFX increased by 0.97 points to 1046.33 points, which in comparison to the previous trading represents an increase of 0.09 %.

Value of SASX-10 did not change compared to the previous trading, and the value of SASX-30 fell by 1.12 points to 984.65 points, as compared to the previous trading and which represents a decrease of 0.11 %.

The value of SASE Islamic Index – in cooperation with BBI, SASX-BBI, has not changed compared to the previous close.

At the quotation of companies, the turnover was 88618.48 BAM, and within seven transactions were traded 4,030 shares of Sarajevo Brewery Ltd Sarajevo (symbol: SRPVRK1).

Turnover at the quotation of IFs was 14597.19 BAM, and 5,843 shares were traded through five transaction.

On the Free Market – ST1 total turnover was 17,555.20 BAM, and 1,284 shares were traded in two transactions. The highest turnover was registered with shares of Victory Ltd Tesanj (symbol: PBJTRK1) in the amount of 6,361.20 BAM.

On the Free Market – ST2 total turnover was 2,114.20 BAM, and 21,142 shares of UNIS-MATIC Ltd Bugojno (symbol: UMATR) were traded through three transactions.

The greatest increase in value of 0.33 % was recorded with shares of ZIF BIG Investment Group Ltd Sarajevo (symbol: BIGFRK3) and reached price of 2,50 BAM, while the biggest decrease,50 %, was registered by shares of UNIS-MATIC Ltd Bugojno (symbol: UMATR) with the price of 0.10 BAM, as announced from the Sarajevo Stock Exchange.


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