Total Triumph of Dino Merlin in the Enmore Theater Hall in Sydney

April 16, 2018 9:00 AM

Last night in the prestigious Enmore Theater in Sydney, Dino Merlin held another great concert.

The Enmore Theater has been a famous artistic and cultural facility since its opening back in 1908, and the fact that world’s greatest bands and stars such as Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Nick Cave, Rammstein, Massive Attack, Kraftwerk and many others performed here says enough about the high prestige and great atmosphere of this place. Dino Merlin enrolled among the starts who performed in this prestigious hall with last night’s concert.

Last night, audience sang ultimate hits celebrated by generations in the Enmore Theater, and Dino Merlin held another outstanding concert by bringing the standard high-end performance to the audience on this distant continent.

That was the second concert in Australia after an excellent concert held in the Astor Theater in Perth on April 13, with which was opened Australian tour “Hotel Nacional”. After a couple of days of break followed concerts in Brisbane (April 20), a concert in the largest city of the New Zealand – Auckland (April 21), and then the concert at the Festival Hall Melbourne (April 24), where the legendary Beatles performed back in 1964 for the first time.

The world tour “Hotel Nacional” was visited by more than 700,000 people from four continents since the release of the album of the same name back in the year of 2014.





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