Top Five most Successful Business Stories this Week

Several former companies are achieving better results, while some of the new BH companies are following world trends in innovation or even challenging the demanding European market.

Help to young people in starting their business

The Mozaik Foundation, in cooperation with the Swedish Development Agency in BiH (SIDA) will enable young people to get from 500 to 2,000 BAM of express and non-refundable funds to start their businesses. The total fund for young people is 30,000 BAM.

Company from Banja Luka presented first digital stand

The company “Elas metaleksport” from Banja Luka presented its new product – the digital stand. This is the first device of this type in BiH, and it was entirely designed and realized in this city.

Digital stand is a device for automatic issuing of birth certificates, citizenship certificates, and other forms, as noted on the presentation.

The director of the company “Elas metaleksport” Zeljko Petrovic stated that this device represents a new system for improving services to citizens.

BiH’s Company Bosnalijek increased its exports

In the first six months of 2018, Bosnalijek’s business income was 63.3 million BAM, compared to 52.8 in the same period in 2017. Revenues on the foreign market amounted to 38.8 million BAM, which is an increase by more than 8 million BAM.

6 million BAM worth building constructed for BH Telecom

Construction of a new BH Telecom building and adaptation of the existing building in city of Bihac has officially began. The works will last for two years and the work is done by a group of local firms.

Kosmos Institute for an overhaul of missile works positively

The “Kosmos” company from Banja Luka continued its positive business operations and in the first half of this year achieved a profit of about 1.4 million BAM.

“Kosmos” was founded in 1958 as a company for the overhaul of radar, missile and computer systems.

Today, the company in addition to repair of radar and missile systems, doing and the system of automation for professional electronics for various purposes, combat and utility vehicles, as well as a wide range of electrical power devices and systems.

The company has the capability for design, production, repair and testing of electronic and electric devices and systems. As part of a new business, the company doing overhaul and repair anti-explosive protected electrical devices and equipment as well as a complete overhaul of the small and medium wind turbine.

(Source: biznisinfo)




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