Top Five Business News from BiH

BH Company Pretis recovered

The company for the production of weapons and ammunition Pretis, located in Vogosca suburb near Sarajevo, realized revenues of 17.4 million BAM in the first six months of 2018. In the same period last year, revenues were 15.9 million BAM. The Pretis is one of the giants in BiH that has recovered in recent years.

Germans want to open a facility in the city of Gradiska

The German company Lohmann & Rauscher is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and medical supplies in the world, revealed that they will most probably build a production plant in the city of Gradiska. In the first phase, they planned to hire 200 and later 700 workers.

Messer Company opened a 6 million BAM worth facility

Near Petrova, a new plant for the production of gas cylinders 6 million BAM worth was put into operation. With the new plant, Messer Company has increased its production for some 200 percent.

Furniture production in Livno officially started

Stanic brothers from Livno bought a factory that used to produce fashion clothes in this town and employed 150 workers, and in this former factory, brothers will start furniture production. Their priority is to find quality workers. To attract them, they are ready to offer good pay and, if necessary, will pay for their accommodation.

Bontex company from Maglaj sews for Carabineers

The Bontex company from Maglaj, with their Italian partner will realize a project to sew up to 50,000 pieces of shirts for police officers in Italy. Carabiners are currently testing the comfort of these shirts. In its facilities, Bontex has already produced shirts for members of the Swiss Army and the Ministry of Justice of Slovenia.




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