Top Business News from BiH for this Week

Company from Tesanj works for BMW

Quality work and professional attitude towards work of the company B&M from Tesanj resulted in gaining the confidence of the German BMW. They are the only company that produces the upper and lower leather parts of the suits for motorcyclists. This company works in a newly built production hall that occupies a total space of 1,100 square meters and they have 74 employees.


New Workplaces in Orasje

The Krautz-Temax Group in Orasje produces several types of protective foils and expanded polystyrene on the space of more than 8,500 square meters. They have more than 60 employees in Orasje at the moment, and they are planning to expand their production capacities. Namely, they will start with the construction of a new production facility soon, and the construction will take place on more than 20,000 square meters of already purchased land. Production capacities in Orasje will be tripled after realizing this investment, and a large number of new workplaces will be opened.


Maksi to start production at KTK Visoko

Confectionery factory KTK Visoko finally got a new owner. After more than ten years of break, the production in this factory will be continued. With the support of its main partner – Alpina from Slovenia – MAKSI Ltd. Visoko will start producing footwear for the market of Slovenia.


Owner of BH Company FIS in a new Business Venture

Pero Gudelj, the co-owner of FIS, opened his new company Mali FIS, which will construct an elite complex on Vlasic Mountain. This complex will include three hotels, two large and one auxiliary stadium, a new ski resort, sports hall, entertainment center for children on 4,000 square meters, a mini airport and numerous other contents… The design solution will be completed by the end of the year and the project will be implemented in the future period.


New Factory opened in Gracanica

The factory of “SLT Enterprise” company was opened in Gracanica. This footwear factory employs 110 people and they are planning new employment in the future period as well. The factory was constructed on the space of about 1,000 squares in less than a year. The owner of the factory, Nino Sabic, noted that this company produces footwear for the markets of Italy and Germany.






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