Top 6 Business News and Events for the Past Week

March 11, 2018 12:00 PM

Oaza and Vitinka are the fastest growing BH brands

The consumption of bottled water in BiH has been increased in the year of 2017 due to hot summers, droughts and water shortages in big cities, as stated in the analysis of the global company for the research of market, Euromonitor. The leader of the market is still Sarajevo Kiseljak, but Oaza and Vitinka recorded the largest growth last year, according to their analysis.

The export in military industry recording an increase

According to the data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH that was published last week, our country has exported a total of 200 million BAM worth weapons and ammunition in the period from January to December 2017 and the first month of this year.

1.6 billion EUR worth investment

At the border area of the municipalities of Livno and Tomislavgrad started research works for the construction of a hydro power plant of the great power “HPP Siroka Draga” and the wind power plant “WPP Siroka Draga”. The value of total investment is estimated at 1.6 billion EUR.

BH company ZGP to employ 120 people

The oldest construction company in BiH – ZGP – announced a public call for the employment of 120 workers. The company is searching for 30 workers in different fields. This could be a sign that some better days are awaiting this company.

The success of companies from Gorazde

The company Unis Ginex from Gorazde, which is one of the leaders in the military industry, managed to increase its income last year and achieved a net profit that amounted to 10.3 million BAM, according to a report that was released last week. Another company from Gorazde that is engaged in manufacturing ammunition, Pobjeda Technology, achieved a turnover of 20.4 million BAM last year.

Multi-million investments of TMD Group

A total of 150 workers will be hired in a new plant of the company that is dealing with production of car parts TMD Group in Gradacac over the next eight months. This is just an announcement of much larger investment – a new factory. The value of a new investment is estimated at 20 million EUR and it should be realized in the period of the next three years.




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