Top 5 Business News and Events of this Week

Kolektor’s New Investment of 1 million EUR

The production hall of the company “Kolektor CCL” was officially opened in the village of Povelic near Srpac. The company invested more than a million EUR in the hall and they opened around 108 new workplaces. This Slovenian concern currently employs 500 workers in production plants in Srpac, Laktasi and Klasnice, and they are planning to open a fourth plant in Prijedor.


Production for IKEA to start in Foca soon

A business partner from Fojnica, which is producing furniture for the world-famous Ikea, is interested in opening a plant in Foca. According to some estimates, more than 300 workers should be employed.


The production of wind generators to start in Zivinice

The company Elin Motors Bosnia manufactures wind generators in Zivinice for customers all over the world. At first, part of the main Austrian company, Elin Motors Bosnia, was assembling rotor and stator, which is incorporated into wind generators. They now employ 150 people, they are producing and assembling rotor and stator and the complete wind generator should come out of their production facility soon.


The construction of a luxury complex in Trebinje started

The company “Herc invest” started with the construction of a luxurious residential and business complex Centar in Trebinje, which should include seven buildings. Specificity of this complex and its main difference from similar projects in BiH is that it will have roof pools.


10 million BAM worth Investment in Zavidovici

Mayor of Zavidovici Hasim Mujanovic met with the Prime Minister of Zenica-Doboj Canton Miralem Galijasevic, Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of the FBiH, Nermin Dzindic, and the owner of construction company Tibra-Pacific, Tihomir Brajkovic. The reason for this meeting is the construction of hydro power plant on Bosna River, which should be constructed soon. The value of this investment is estimated at 10 million BAM, as announced from the Municipality of Zavidovici.






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