Top 5 Business News and Events of this Week

Euro-metal to invest 2 million BAM

Euro-metal, the leading distributor in the field of metallurgy in BiH, is constructing a new industrial hall in Doboj Jug on a total area of 5,500 square meters. The completion of works is planned for the month of October this year, and the value of this investment is estimated at 2 million BAM.


Investment of Petrol near Foca

Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the RS, Petar Djokic, put into operation a small hydropower plant with installed power of 4.8 megawatts in Jelec near Foca. The company “Petrol” from Slovenia invested a total of 6.250.000 EUR in its construction.


The first Digital Currency Exchange Office to be opened in BiH

Digital currencies are increasingly accepted in the world, and that trend is slowly coming to BiH. The opening of the first exchange office in Banja Luka is expected by the end of September.


Hifa Oil to open its Gas Station abroad

Hifa Oil is entering the retail sector with new investments. The gas station in Rudo will be opened in about half a month, and new gas station will be opened in Podgorica in about a month.

“We currently own four Hifa Oil – Euro Oil gas stations in Sarajevo, Teslic, Busovaca and Banovici, and we should have four more by the end of the year, of which two will be abroad, in neighbouring Montenegro,” as noted from the company.


Adriatic Metals to expand its Property in Vares

The company Adriatic Metals, which is conducting research of ore in Vares, wants to expand its property after some large discoveries. From the company noted that the municipal council approved their request for expansion of the concession agreement outside the parcels that are 100 % owned by this company.












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