Top 10 Business Events in the past Week

February 25, 2018 1:00 PM

Exports from BiH increased by a quarter

Exports from BiH in the month of January this year were increased by a quarter or 25.4 % in comparison to the first month of the last year. Import was also increased by 24.2 % in the month of January when compared to January last year.

BiH to get gas from Azerbaijan

Regional countries, including BiH, have agreed on the establishment of a new company for realization of the Ionian-Adriatic gas pipeline, and works on the realization should start this year. With this project, BiH will get energy from Azerbaijan for the first time, i.e. it will get the gas that is not Russian for the very first time.

Steelmin to employ hundreds of people

The company Steelmin managed to successfully return a 4.3 million EUR of loan, which was intended for the reconstruction of production plant. They will start with the production in April and they will also employ hundreds of workers.

Hose komerc to build a factory

The company Hose komerc announced that they recorded significant progress in their business operations last year and that net revenues exceeded 65 million BAM. This company also announced a new investment in the dessert factory, with which they are planning to further strengthen their production program.

BiH to get its first Wind Farms

The company Siemens Games announced this week that they signed a contract with the company F.L. Wind from BiH for a wind turbine with the capacity of 36 MW for wind farm Jelovaca in Tomislavgrad. Works should be finalized this year. Moreover, the first wind farm in BiH, Mesihovina, will be opened next month.

BH products to conquer the market of Qatar

BiH companies managed to position their products on the market of Qatar, which is the richest country in the world with the average wealth of the population. Tuzla Saltern agreed the first delivery of 30 containers of Tuzla salt. Moreover, the delivery of Klas and Vispak products will start soon as well, and these companies are leaders in BH food industry.







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