Tomislavgrad: Art Colony on 13th and 14th September

art colonyOn 13th and 14th September, the “Art Colony” will take place in Tomislavgrad, in the organization by Cultural and Information Centre (KIC). The exhibition will take place in the forest home in Grle near Tomislavgrad.

According to the organizers, the sculptors and painters Ante Čulo, Ivica Gabrić, Bože Krištić, Ilija Skočibušić,Magdalena Džinić Hrkać, Tamara Grbavac, Željko Koren and Iva Bradvica will take participation.

According to the Director of KIC Danijela Papić, the project is designed so that the revenues of the sale of their artistic and creative works are used to purchase the new titles within the City Library and to improve working conditions in the KIC.


(Source: Fena)

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