#Tomasica Tweet Day: The Silence on the Crime was Broken on Social Networks

al_jazeeraThe largest mass grave in Balkans from the last war was discovered near Prijedor in Tomašica. The mass grave was officially discovered two months ago. The discovery was followed by silence, rarely some information on local medias, mainly in medias of FB&H.

However, as the time goes by, the truth about the crime is being revealed and nothing can keep it hidden anymore. Crime and the truth can no be hidden, no matter how much any government or any media wants to keep it hidden.

“The silence was broken on social networks”, wrote yesterday a Twitter user. It was true indeed. Twitter users initiated the day of writing on this crime, after having been revealed the pictures that show the terror at the mass grave Tomašica.

Hundreds of people throughout the world clearly expresses their judgement on this crime. The users of hahstag#Tomasicatweetday wrote about Tomašica the whole day, to not be forgotten, to not be repeated and that the criminals to be published.

Twitter user have informed on this action many prominent media outlets such Al Jazeere and other international news agencies.

(Source: klix.ba)

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