Todoric: Sales Drop for 15 Percent in January

Ivica Todoric, the founder of Agrokor, yesterday announced a new post on his website, analyzing the “incompetence of Agrokor’s extraordinary administration,” with the message “leave the job you don’t know to do, enough of your harm!”

Todoric, among other things, said that in January 2018, Konzum had a sales drop of 15 percent, and that in 2017, Agrokor had a revenue that was less for 5-6 billion kuna than in 2016.

He said that he used his blog to write about “painfully obvious incompetence of the extraordinary administration in the managing of Agrokor” on several occasions.

“I forecasted the revenue decline in 2017 for the Agrokor group by 20 percent without Mercator, and today, unfortunately, we are witnessing a result that will amount to about 5-6 billion kuna lower revenue in 2017 compared to 2016, “ wrote Todoric, who is currently in London, while the company is managed by the Croatian government.

According to him, these results are “the result of anarchic management of extraordinary administration and complete ignorance of the way in which this company and industry should be managed”.

“Actually, obviously, these people are completely incompetent for the job they have taken,” Todoric wrote on his blog on Thursday.

Todoric also estimates that reports of the extraordinary administration in the public show that Agrokor’s concise plan of sustainability has no solution, and that all actions and indicators of the work of Ante Ramljak’s administration lead Agrokor to bankruptcy.



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