From Today, new Prices of Bus Tickets in Sarajevo

A month after it was announced, the price of tickets for commercial buses of Centrotrans and GRAS from today will be more expensive for all users of these public transports in Sarajevo.

The first such announcement of the price increase arrived on August 4th at a press conference, which was convened by the temporary director of GRAS Haris Gusic, who said that the price increase is one of the measures to fix GRAS’s problems.

“The ticket prices will be changed and that doesn’t mean that everything will be more expensive. The price of our commercial buses will be 2 BAM. Centrotrans won’t have a line from Vijecnica to Dobrinja anymore, GRAS will be doing that. The rest of the price system will be changed since it’s not at the level that it’s supposed to be,” Gusic said.

He then announced the decision of the Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo, which the individual price of tickets is increased from 1,60 BAM to 2,00 BAM.

“Despite that fact that we are a registered transporter and that we have a registration for the line Vijecnica – Dobrinja, we weren’t consulted regarding the price of tickets and, considering the fact that this Decision concerns all transporters which are driving on that line, regardless of our opinion, we’ll respect the decision of the Ministry,” Centrotrans said last week.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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