Tito’s Mercedes to be sold for 3 Million Dollars?

mercedes titoIt is widely known that President Tito loved cars and owned a great number of exclusive items, a variety of brands, which served him as a means of transport. One of them, the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Laundelet, is currently being sold through the auction by Tom Hartley JNR house.

Perhaps the most memorable one is Mercedes 600, of which the most attractive were convertibles or Landaulet, which is the name for the models that are only partially covered with a fabric roof, writes Auto magazine.

From the total of 59, two such cars were owned by the Yugoslavia. What is very interesting is that this car belongs to a very rare group of only nine ever built Landaulet with six doors.

The model that is currently on auction was sold in 1989. It was produced in 1971, and in the period after Tito’s death, it was used in Brioni for the transport of very important guests from Pula airport to the residence.

According to the magazine Auto, a copy of the Mercedes 600, with serial number 001854, was sold to a foreign buyer and has since changed several owners.

Auction house Tom Hartley JNR is in charge of the selling and unofficial information says that the starting price will be slightly less than three million.

It is powered by a 6332 cc petrol engine and is driven for a total of 27,378 kilometers.

(Source: N1)


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