Tito’s Cave in Drvar is officially reopened

As of today, Tito’s Cave in Drvar is reopened for foreign and domestic tourists after the first phase of its reconstruction has been completed.

”Protective nets and an iron structure have been set up above the barracks in the cave to secure the site from potential landslides. The roofs were also reconstructed, so Tito’s cave is open to tourists as of today,” is confirmed to Srna by mayor of Drvar, Dusica Runic.

She stated that the funds for the completion of this phase of landscaping in 2019 were provided thanks to the Ministry of Ecology and Tourism and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation of BiH in the amount of 54,000 BAM.

Runic added that in the next period, it will be necessary to equip the interior of the barracks, electrify it, install lighting fixtures and constantly work on improving this tourist potential of our municipality.

She mentioned that the municipality of Drvar has numerous tourist potentials and that in the next period, they will work on the development and improvement of tourist potentials of the municipality of Drvar, such as the mountain Klekovaca, the source of the river Bastasica, the paragliding airfield as well as the medieval town of Visuc.

Suzana Jovic, director of the Public Institution Center for Culture and Sports from Drvar, which includes the “May 25” Memorial Complex, said that Tito’s Cave is synonymous with Drvar.

”As of today, we are ready to welcome tourists from both the country and the region. Everyone is welcome in Drvar,” the city of anti-fascism and heroes – Jovic said for Srna.

Tito’s cave has been closed since last year when a landslide destroyed rain barracks at the entrance to the cave.

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