Tito’s Blue Train will be passing through the Heart of the National Park “Una” soon?

April 16, 2017 4:00 PM

Tito blue trainRailways of the FBiH are planning to give a part of Tito’s Blue Train on use to PE National Park “Una”, with the aim of improving the tourism offer of the youngest nature parks in this part of Europe.

Railways of the FBiH promised PE National Park “Una” to give a luxurious part of Tito’s Blue Train, which is located in Rajlovac and that is currently out of operation.

“It is the most luxurious part of Tito’s Blue Train, and it is actually a restaurant wagon. The train will be set up at the train station in Bihac, and it is planned for tourist offer in the area of the national park,” said Amarildo Mulic, director of the National Park “Una”.

“The train would drive on the route from Bihac-Martin Brod, through the heart of the National Park Una, and tours would be offered as a new tourist product on the market on a commercial and daily basis,” said Mulic.

However, the Blue Train will not be placed in the tourist offer this season because it is out of operation due to a problem with the engine.

They need about 20 000 BAM in order to put the Blue Train back into operation and taking into account how much the project would mean for the development of tourism, this is a minimal financial investment.

Besides the Blue Train, at the meeting in Sarajevo was also discussed the revitalization of the entire railway traffic in the area of Krajina.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)


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