Time Twin

time_twinsRichard Avis, a British writer, travels throughout the world looking for people who were born on the day as he was. He is interested in how their lives and philosophies are different.

Richard was born on 1 December 1974 in Dumfries, Scotland, and his idea is to find 40 people born on the same day as he was, to film what they have achieved at the same time and afterwards he would publish the stories in a book. Until now, Richard has found an American film director, an Italian mayor, an Irish writer, an Olympic athlete from Norway, and a Swedish lawyer. He pointed out that until now, he had fun working on this and reading, and hopes that he would bring some important discoveries about how people’s lives shapes their environment and culture.

Richard Avis is now looking for his Time Twins in B&H. Everyone who was born on 1 December 1974 can contact him on his website http://www.culturpology.com/time-twins/,  the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Timetw.in or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/time_twin.

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