TIKA Opened Atelier for Production of Carpets in Bosanski Petrovac

ćilimThe Turkish Agency for Coordination and Cooperation (TIKA) in Bosanski Petrovac opened yesterday an atelier for the production of traditional Bosnian carpets.

The Coordinator of TIKA Zulkuf Oruč recalled that the Turkish Agency in the area of Bosanski Petrovac, as well as in the entire country, implemented many projects earlier that were primarily for commercial purposes.

‘’The making of carpets is not just a project for commercial purposes, but it is also a cultural project. It is necessary to emphasize that with this project, TIKA’s goal was to fight against unemployment and the recession. We wish to contribute to this plan’’, said Oruč.

With the opening of the atelier, TIKA also aims to support the development of traditional Bosnian carpets, to preserve the tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation in B&H. At the same time, TIKA aims to demonstrate knowledge, skills and experiences of women in B&H that are engaged in carpet making.

The space for the atelier was provided by municipality Bosanski Petrovac, and TIKA has provided 50 looms. Carpet making began today.

Around 160 women have applied to work in the atelier, and they will also have the chance to attend a course in weaving.


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