Ticket Sales for MESS Festival Starts on Monday

messThe Directorate of MESS Festival announced that reservations and ticket sales will begin on Monday, 16 September. The festival intends to implement and organize several sales and ticket bookings this year as well.

From 16-23 September, tickets can be reserved with a 50 percent discount from the total price for group tickets, which is 118 KM or 112 KM without children’s plays, while individual tickets will be sold with a 20 percent discount.

From 23-27 September, group tickets can be bought at the regular price of 236 KM, or 224 KM (set without children’s shows), and individual tickets will be sold at a 20 percent discount.

MESS provides a discount for group tickets to students, theatre employees and retirees with a 50 percent discount of the total price, which amounts to 118/112 KM, while the sale of individual tickets has a 20 percent discount.

Tickets will be sold on the premises of MESS Festival at Maršala Tita 54/I from 10:00-19:00 or via phone at 062 011 661.


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