Three Screenings on Last Day of Pravo Ljudski

Still1_NorteThe last day of the 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival will include awards for the best participants of the festival, as well as the screening of three films from the selection re:versus ‘we film our bruises as if cinema were a revolution’ at Kino Meeting Point.

The best film of the 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival will receive the award 4ENTITY Alam Suljević. The award 4ENTITY is actually a concept, a common denominator for various activities that are focused on mine pollution, and whose author is B&H artist Alma Suljević.

Films that were shown as part of the competition program and which are in competition for the award are: Beyond Wriezen by Daniel Abma (Germany), Captivity by Andre Gil Mata (Portugal), Coast of Death by Lois Patino (Spain), Crop by Johanna Domke and Marouan Omara (Egypt & Germany), Elena by Petra Costa (Brazil), Helio Oiticica by Cesar Oiticica Filho (Brazil), The Mayor by Emiliano Altuna, Carlos F. Rossini and Diego Osorno (Mexico), No Man’s Land by Salome Lamas (Portugal), To The Wolf by Aran Hughes and Christina Koutsospyrou (Greece & France) and Tzvetanka by Youlian Tabakov (Bulgaria).

The award for the best film in the competition program extra muros will be awarded by a jury composed of Aleksej Dimitrijev, visual artist and curator from Russia, Jasmina Sijerčić, Executive Producer of the Production House ISKRA (France-B&H), Andra Kuhn, Director of the International Festival on Human Rights in Nimberg (Germany), Oskar Alegria, Artistic Director of the Festival of Documentary Film Punto de Vista in Pamplon, Spain and Ozge Calafato, the co-founder of UAE National Film Library Archive and journalist of Dox Magazine.

Two films will be shown as part of the retrospective program ‘we film our bruises as if cinema were a revolution’, which are ‘Nervus rerum’ and ‘Communists like us’, the British film collective The Otolith Group.

‘Nervus Rerum’ is a film essay on refugee camps in Jenin (occupied Palestinian territory) whose focus is on refugees who do not have political rights or the right to representation. The film blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality, opacity and transparency, in order to critically represent the position of the inhabitants who for decades are imprisoned under occupation. The screening begins at 19:15. Later, ‘Communists like us’ investigates a 16 minute scene from the film La Chinoise (1967) by Jean Luc Godarda. The dialogue from his scene is imprinted on archival footage that is an integral part of film in order to establish communication between photography and film, such as various sources put into dialogue with Maoism.

The film that will close the 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival will start at 21:15 with the movie Norte, the end of history by Lav Diaz from the Philippines. The story tells of a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder, while the actual murderer is on the loose. The murderer is an intellectual frustrated with the constant circle of betrayal and apathy in his country, while the convicted man is a simple man for whom a prison sentence is bearable until he starts to experience mysterious and strange things.

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