Three Premiers in the Competition Programme of the 24th edition of SFF to be screened Tonight

The movie by Romanian director Ioana Uricaru will have a regional premiere in the Competition Programme of the 24th edition of Sarajevo Film Festival. The showing will be held tonight at 19:30 at the National Theatre.

While working as a caretaker in the United States on a temporary visa, Mara, a 30-year-old single mother from Romania, marries Daniel, an American. After the arrival of her son Dragos, everything seems to have fallen perfectly into place. When the process of getting a green card veers unexpectedly off course, however, Mara is faced with abuses of power on every level and forced to answer a dark question: how far would you go to get what you want?

You can watch the movie in one of the following showings.

Also, tonight at the Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema you can see the latest film by Nadine Labaki, CAPERNAUM. Zain stands up in court in Lebanon. The youngster has already done time for stabbing someone. Now he wants to sue his parents for giving him life. No one really knows how old he is, but a medical examiner estimates 12.

The world premiere of feature film LOVE 1. DOG by Romanian director Florin Șerban will be held tonight at 22:00 at the National Theatre, in the Competition Programme of 24th Sarajevo Film Festival.

Somewhere up in the mountains of Romania, Simon, a woodsman, lives in almost complete isolation, until one day he finds a woman in the forest, who has been beaten almost unconscious. He brings her back to his cabin, feeds her, clothes her, bandages her wounds, protects her. And before he can realize what is happening before he can defend himself or flee, he is caught up in a game from which there is no way out: he falls in love. And then he locks the woman up, ostensibly so she will recover. When she tries to escape, he brings her back. And when his actions are too transparent and fail, he explodes in an outburst of fury and runs away. An outsider intrudes, bringing reality into the game and thus ruining it.

You can watch the movie in one of the following showings.

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