Three Persons tried to leave Bosnia with counterfeit Israel Travel Documents



Officers of the Border Police Unit of Tuzla Airport, imprisoned on January 17 three citizens of the Republic of Turkey after they gave insight into border checks and tried to leave BiH with counterfeit Israel travel documents.

“By checking the baggage, on the second line of border checks, members of the Border Police of BiH found the original documents on the basis of which they were identified as Turkish nationals. They were controlled on a flight to Friedrichshafen,” the BiH Border Police said in a statement on Monday.

Due to the suspicion that the criminal offense of “forgery of a documents” was committed, the Prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Tuzla Canton was informed about the incident.

According to the order, the forged documents were temporarily confiscated and a report will be filed against the suspects for committing the crime of “forgery of the document”. Turkish nationals have been handed over to members of the Service for Foreigner Affairs.


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