Three Persons from China under Medical Supervision in Canton Sarajevo



The Crisis Staff of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Health for Monitoring and Analysis of the Coronavirus Situation (COVID 2019) announced that it is continuously monitoring the current epidemiological situation and carrying out epidemiological surveillance in Canton Sarajevo, in accordance with prescribed procedures and protocols.

The Headquarters is in constant contact with the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health and Crisis Staffs of other cantons.

“In the previous period, health control measures were regularly implemented in Canton Sarajevo for persons to whom a sanitary inspection had issued a decision for placement under medical supervision. Currently, three persons who arrived from China are under medical supervision in the Canton of Sarajevo. The duration of the surveillance is the time interval of the longest incubation period for a particular infectious disease, which is 14 days in this case, ” the Crisis Staff said.

Health surveillance is continuously carried out by the Epidemiological Service of the Institute for Public Health of the Sarajevo Canton.


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