Three more Citizens of BiH took off from Kabul, the rest are expected to be evacuated soon

Three more citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) located in Kabul took off from the International Airport in the capital of Afghanistan, bringing the number of evacuated citizens of BiH to eight.

New information on the state of BiH citizens in Kabul was shared yesterday by the Ambassador of BiH to Pakistan, Sakib Foric, who emphasized that apart from the three BiH citizens, who have already taken off from Kabul, one more citizen of BiH was expected to be evacuated last night.

“Three BiH citizens took off from Kabul on a German plane. They were on the German consul’s list and are currently traveling to Uzbekistan, where they will board a civilian Lufthansa plane and head back to Europe. In addition to the three BiH citizens, evacuation of one more BiH citizen is expected in the evening hours, ” it was confirmed yesterday by Ambassador Foric.

Therefore, after four more citizens of BiH were evacuated from Kabul, the number of evacuated citizens from BiH passport will increase to nine.

As Ambassador Foric confirmed in the conversation, two more citizens of BiH will stay in Kabul, and their evacuation can be expected soon.

Citizens of BiH who have already been evacuated from Kabul are currently at the airport in Frankfurt, and Doha, where they are waiting for regular flights to return to BiH, Klix.ba writes.


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