Three Brothers from Bistrik are preserving traditional Perfume Craft from Oblivion

January 4, 2018 10:15 AM

One of the old and almost extinct crafts is the traditional perfume craft that Sarajevo seems to have forgotten.

However, this craft was not completely extinct from the capital city of BiH thanks to the three brothers from Bistrik – Adnan, Tarik and Zejd Lusija.

As they stated, you have to study this craft on a daily basis, through constant research of scents, both theoretically and practically.

“The basis of every idea is a theoretical knowledge of compatibility of certain scents, and the final product is obtained through creativity but also a feeling for a particular composition, which is not so easy in case of inexperience and ‘incompetence’ of senses. This is already a routine for us today, but a lot more experience is needed to bring our creations to an enviable level, ” explained brothers Lusija.

They noted that they are satisfied with the number of their customers, because many of them have recognized the quality of their services, as well as tourists who can get perfumes and unique experience that is highly appreciated in Western countries, especially in France, but for a lot cheaper price.

“We are coming up with new creations every day, making new acquaintances and, together with our customers, enjoying the fragrances that make us smile during the work and there is a mutual pleasure when our customers are happy as well,” as they said.

This traditional craft is ancestor of modern pharmacies, because it also included the process of preparation of syrups, teas, herbal supplements to diet, honey and perfumes.

Brothers Lusija are very devoted to their studying of scents and the creation of perfumes with 30 % scented oils, at the time when most of toilet waters on the market contain somewhere between 10 and 12 % of scented oils or less.




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