Three Bosnians traveling through Europe in Fico, crossing Thousands of Kilometers

September 19, 2017 1:00 PM

Amar and Nezir Camo from Gorazde and traveling Europe in their Fiat 750 and this year, their Australian friend Adele Summer Thomson joined them. Wherever they show up, they are showered with attention due to their green “Fico” which traveled 3,068km in the last tour alone.

The three friends are enjoying their rides and, thanks to their car, are experiencing various adventures and meeting new people. Their travels can be followed on the Instagram profile “ficacrew” and they’ve visited the entire ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Albania, Austria and Greece.

“We’ve been everywhere and people are coming up, asking us about the car. In Turkey, they thought it was some Russian car but when they heard we were from Bosnia, they were very happy. It’s very interesting and nice everything. I’ve always loved old cars, so that’s why I’m travelling with a Fico even though we could’ve got a faster and more comfortable car,” Amar says.

We stop where we want and where we find it interesting or where we have to, when the car shows signs of tiredness. That’s usually short since its owner, Amar, knows the Fico’s soul. Despite that Amar lived in Australia for years, where he studied geodesy, many mechanics can envy him for the in-depth knowledge of the Fico, which he bought in Cajnik.

Amar says that they take a set of reserve parts for the car on their trips so they can react quickly.

“This time, it was excellent. Only once, both our tires broke at the same time, but we were near the sea and we just pulled the tent and camped there,” Amar says.

He adds that their Fico is already covered in signs from nearly all the countries they visited, except Bulgaria because their sticker was too large for the Fico. However, they had a different adventure there. When they saw a small plane there, they didn’t quit until the owner flew them around in it a bit.

And that flight was an experience in of itself, as are all other trips with the Fico. Nezir takes care of the music and navigation, which would often take them in an unknown direction, while Adele takes care of passports and morning coffee sometimes.

“Everything was excellent, we had a great time, the people are great,” Adele says, who enjoys both Melbourne and Tisine near Gorazde equally, where she was welcomed by her university friends at their vacation house.



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